Service Time!

It's no real secret I got the car cheap knowing it would need some work. It made sense to take the challenge on as even with some upgrades, it would still be better than the other potential cars that I had seen available.


One week into owning a Z4 Roadster

Right, time to get stuck in. A week into ownership and the car is already getting some love!


New Car!

The 330ci didn't quite cut the mustard. The replacement however...that's a whole different kettle of fish. Fun doesn't begin to describe it!



Six months into ownership and the e46 was simply not for me. Great car but it really did nothing for me.


Westside Treffen 2015

Westside always marks off an end to the show season and the start of Autumn for me. It's always been a seriously cool show with a lovely chilled vibe with awesome food and great company. (Not forgetting great weather!) As you can probably tell, it's the perfect recipe for a great show and this year was no different.


Players 9.0

Well, this has been due for a while, better late than never! Following on from Players Classic earlier this year was Players 9.0 at North Weald Airfield. As expected, it was a busy day with a lot to offer! Ranging from a variety of different traders, to a drifting area as well as what many came to see, a lot of ridiculously cool cars, some from all over Europe!