Players 9.0

Well, this has been due for a while, better late than never! Following on from Players Classic earlier this year was Players 9.0 at North Weald Airfield. As expected, it was a busy day with a lot to offer! Ranging from a variety of different traders, to a drifting area as well as what many came to see, a lot of ridiculously cool cars, some from all over Europe!


Had an early start with a pretty uneventful drive down. Got there on time and as always, a fair bit of waiting to get in.

Parked up with the rest of the Custom Cars crew and went for a walk. This year the show was probably it's biggest yet. I'm certain I didn't manage to see every car there! Unfortunately the main concrete hard parking area was so congested, I didn't really feel like venturing in deep.

With that said, there was some seriously gorgeous cars there. When everyone says 'there's something for everyone' at Players, they're not wrong!


From fully stanced out show cars to the those with full on cages and harnesses. Really digging this setup in an e46 m3!


Little touches really give a car character.


This TT RS running on still static coilovers was a slice of perfection. Not a huge fan of the new TT, but I'd happily own that!


But for me, the star of the show was an American Bully who goes by the name of Daisy.


Even had the chance to have a good look at Ken Block's Hoonicorn. After watching all the build videos I had high expectations but it completely exceeded them. Then attention to detail on the car is sublime!

Well that concludes the write up, I guess my final thoughts... as per last year, the organisation kind of needs a re-think. With that aside, still a great show!

For the rest of the pictures, they can be found here.

Till next time!