One week into owning a Z4 Roadster

Right, time to get stuck in. A week into ownership and the car is already getting some love!


10mm spacers went on. Looks a little better.

Then a bit of a clean. Not a full on correction just yet (though the car desperately needs it). Just a bit of a tidy up.

Started with the engine bay.



Also found a surprise in the air box. Explains why it had that induction kit sort of sound. Well those lifetime filters are not all that lifetime as you can see. The rubber seal had broken away.

Didn't want to put it back in the car so dug out the K&N one I found in my e46 (clearly I attract cars whose previous owners enjoyed buying snake oil!) as a temporary measure until my new oem paper filter is delivered.


Then set about removing what I could. Plastic covers and washer bottle Also removed the filters in the washer reservoir as they were filled with crud.



Washed that separately. First with some APC and agitated with a brush.


Rinsed and then hit a second time This time foamed with a degreaser as the APC didn't quite get everything.


Plastics were then dried and then given a coat of trim protector.


Then worked on the bay itself. More APC doing work.


Radiator cover was also removed and some love given there as well.


All the APC everywhere resulted in some mucky front wings. Gave the car a quick clean...

The soft top had some green on it as well as spots all over. APC, degreaser and a brush had to be brought out again.




Which resulted in this. Pretty happy with the car so far!


I then set about removing the Nokia Bluetooth car kit and fitted my own in that is wired to the AUX connector.

A new DISA valve was also ordered up as well as service parts (cabin, oil, and air filters, as well as new oil and spark plugs).

Next things to do will be a full service once the parts are here as well as a full detail in preparation for winter.

So far I'm really enjoying this car. Despite being similar in many ways to my old e46 330ci, it's so much better to drive.