Service Time!

It's no real secret I got the car cheap knowing it would need some work. It made sense to take the challenge on as even with some upgrades, it would still be better than the other potential cars that I had seen available.


First thing that needed to be done was to swap out the broken DISA valve. It made sense to just pick up a new one rather than looking to repair the old one. Slightly more of an expensive option but thankfully there were no issues!


Next came some earth upgrades. The battery negative to chassis was upgrades with 2 additional straps to ensure a nice solid connection. Along with that, I swapped out the battery which the car had come with for a BMW branded one which had a higher capacity and crank. The reasoning behind this would be to help with those cold winter mornings!



Next came the engine earth. It's often done to ensure that not only does the alternator have a better earthing point but the spark plugs will also benefit. I had to build my own cable to keep it at the right length.

Started with some wire I had laying about as well as some terminals. In an ideal world the thicker the better but this 4 gauge will suffice.


Next the connectors were crimped on. To ensure a solid connection they were then filled with solder.


The strap is then covered up to protect it and is ready to be fitted.


After all that, came a service. Cabin, air and oil filters were changed along with the spark plugs and oil. Coupled with the new DISA valve and cleaning the throttle body, the car is running very nicely!


So glad to see the other side of that K&N!


Leaves and such fell out when changing the cabin filter which was pretty grubby!


Next came the spark plugs.


The oil on the threads of the old plug are from the leaking rocker cover gasket, again something I had planned on changing anyway!



As you can see from the old oil filter, it was all in desperate need of a change!




With that all sorted, the next step is going to be looking at the brakes. New fluid, discs, pads, and hoses are on the cards as well as putting in some ducting to help increase the duty cycle and keep temperatures down.

I still need to also get around to giving the car a full clean (clay, compound, wax, and protect the fabric roof!) It would be nice to have some more good weather though!