First Post of 2016!

Hugely late, but a happy new year to you! Working nearly all hours really has resulted in not much time to sit back and update this but here we go.

A fair bit to update on so will start with the recent acquisition. Safe to say that after three months and about 1300 miles into ownership, some light maintenance and one wash in, it's been a joy. I must admit that I wasn't expecting that owning a roadster could actually be this fun!

Kick starting the updates was another oil change for the roadster.

In true Mighty Car Mods fashion...the first thing was to jack up the car and well, I won't bore you with the rest of the details. It was a basic oil and filter swap. Nothing fancy about it.


Following on from the oil change came a wash. No surprise that Meguiar's #16 did it's work and made cleaning all the filth and crud off a pleasure!



Even the wheels weren't difficult despite not being sealed up. A combination of Meguiar's wheel brightener and CarPro's Iron-X resulted in a great contactless clean!


Now comes the good stuff...I picked up some more camera equipment! Namely a Canon 5d mk3 and a 85mm Sigma f1.4 ex dg lens! It's been something that I've wanted to upgrade to for a while now and it seemed like the right time to upgrade thanks to some hot deals that were around!

I'm loving everything relating to these following shots. Kind of wished I had upgraded slightly sooner!

The daily still looking ace following it's clean! (As well as sporting a Tief Und Breit sticker on the rear screen!)

The coupe was also given some love too with some new brake pads ahead of it's MOT in a few months.




I love the perspective that comes from the 85mm focal length. I really do look forward to seeing where this takes me!