I should update this more often.

Looking back, February was busy. The good kind of busy at that. I was fortunate to attend two amazing weddings and naturally I felt it right that I brought my camera along with me.

It seems a little unnecessary to ramble on for too long so I'll keep it short and sweet.


We'll start with Nikki and Harry's wedding.

Early starts and getting ribbons on all the cars. We had a special 996 Turbo in left hand drive no less and a Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG which you may have seen pop up in previous posts.


The shot below was captured in the Gudwara while the actual ceremony was taking place.


After the wedding, the newly wed couple!



We then went to the bride's home as part of the doli ceremony which marks the bride leaving her home to start a new life with her husband.


The next wedding which I had attended was between Manjeet and Ray. I didn't have my camera for the wedding ceremony itself but I managed to capture the wedding reception itself!





I'm seriously over the moon with how both sets of pictures came out! It's spurred me on to want to shoot some more weddings this year! Lets see what happens!

Congratulations to both couples on their weddings! If you want to see more pictures they can be found here:

Nikki and Harry's

Manjeet and Ray's