More Engine Maintenance for the Roadster

Getting work done with this car. It's slowly turning out to be a bit of a gem! (Yes, my coupe is still miles better) This time around, the task at hand was to replace the ccv system (pipes and valve) as well as the rocker cover gasket which is known for leaking on the M54 engines.


No need for a how-to as there are already plenty of incredibly well written and documented ones out there.

Needless to say, many thanks to the original poster from this thread.

The rubber gaskets were incredibly hard and brittle (you can see below where they've snapped in places), so I urge any owners who haven't had theirs changed to do so. It'll make future changes much easier if they're still flexible.

As for the ccv kit, refitting the actual valve was a right pig of a job for anyone considering attempting the change. Do set yourself a lot of time as though it's a simple job, it can be time consuming.

The old valve was cracked open and I took a look inside. Wasn't too bad, but the hoses were also brittle and snapped while I was trying to remove them. Plenty of reason there to change them out I think!

The only thing left is to refresh the cooling system, sort the braking bits out, and do another oil change and everything should be okay!

Anyways, enough of my ramblings; I shall let the pictures do the talking.






It's been a few weeks since all the maintenance and all is well with the car. Will be doing another oil change soon but aside from that, time to get some tasteful mods sorted before all the action for next year!