Goodbye 2014 - A Long Overdue Update

Well here is my (long overdue) update as I bid 2014 goodbye.

Grand Place

End of 2014 was spent taking professional exams and then a little bit of travelling to Brussels before Christmas and then on to the Punjab area of India over the new year.

Needless to say I took this as the perfect opportunity to take some pictures, many of which ended up being my favourite of the year!

So onto Belgium. A short 4 day trip (of which saw 2 full days there, one of which I was horrendously ill from flu) to Brussels was the perfect opportunity to experience Christmas in another European city.

Of course, the Grand Place as in all the tourist guides was every bit as stunning as it is described as. Incredible architecture married with the sweet sweet smell of Belgian Waffles; it really doesn't get any better than that!

Grand Place

The second evening, we happened to return to the Grand Place and found a light and music show. Although bitterly cold, the square was packed with people, for an unforgettable event.

Grand Place

Of course all the wonderful eateries were all calorie free which made for some overeating!

Calorie Free


For my first trip to Belgium, despite the incredibly wet first day, it was incredibly fun and was definitely a nice change from what London has to offer at that time of year. The rest of the pictures can be found here.

This was followed by a few opportunities for some street shooting in and around London.



And of course wouldn't be finished without a drive to London on Christmas Eve. No real plan, just two cars taking advantage of the beauty of an empty London followed by an impromptu stop for steaks and burgers in Leicester Square.



The rest of the pictures from the shoot can be found here.