Players 8.0

Players has always been an opportunity to see a variety of different cars on show, particularly due to most of the shows I attend throughout the year are German focused. Unfortunately due to skeptical weather reports last year, I didn't attend. This year however, I made an effort of going down the route of pre-booking for the show and shine - I had no choice but to attend!

No surprises when I arrived there was a long queue of folks waiting to get in, once boredom sinks in, and there is about 500 ponies under one's right foot, the temptation to be a bit of a hooligan can get the better of us.


After being lined up, the usual procedure of wiping down the cars, some even opting to wash their cars began. Given I spent a decent amount of time a few weeks back polishing the car, and giving it a few good coats of wax, it wasn't a time consuming job resulting in just wiping the car down with a spray wax.


The first that caught my mind was the Auto finesse's Beetle. When we saw it, it had a coat of wax drying off to a haze, but regardless, there were still many intricacies that I found incredibly interesting!


As always, Darren's beetle looking perfect. The new additions to his car really have transformed it to a car nothing short of unique.

On The Ground

I even managed to spot a classic Beetle that as I've learnt, is static. Suffice to say I'd never be brave enough to drive a car that low that is also static!

The People's Car

It was nice to see Player's e36 parked up too in a pretty sweet spot. None of the pictures I've seen so far really does the car justice. It's so mean and so wide!


However, none of the real cars were eye catching, not compared to this anyway. I'd definitely say it was my favourite car of the show especially when it's young owner was driving it about.


No surprise really, but there we plenty of cool wheels on display there too.

Rotiform Racing


But also cars that don't 'fit the norm'. Not a car I've seen been modified before well, but this Rover was nothing short of fantastic, right down to the gear knob extension. Classy indeed.


The day overall was great. I can say for sure I had a lot of fun and it's refreshing to know that improvements were made based on the feedback of last year!

Great job to the Players Crew.

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The next update will be from Westside Treffen 2014.

Here is a sneak preview of what's to come!